Sebastian Quint


Photo credit: Jeremy Cabrera



Born and raised in Medellin, Colombia, Sebastian Quint knew he wanted to be an actor ever since he was young, but never dared follow his dream. His goal as an actor became clear once he arrived to Canada at fourteen: give voice to his Latino community to dismantle stereotypes and showcase his culture. At eighteen, he enrolled in Dawson’s Professional Theatre program to finally follow his heart, where his path as an artist solidified. While studying, Sebastian had the opportunity to showcase his voice through Carlos in The Distance to Nebraska and in the language tutoring app, Speak. Moreover, he’s been a lead in the student film Affres., and as Philosphy in the music video “Dancing in Your Mind”. Upon graduating, he received the Gary Plaxton Memorial Award for generosity, respect and dedication for the profession, values that transcended into his way of working.

The same year, he joined the Geordie 2Play Tour, getting to work with directors Jimmy Blais and Cristina Cugliandro, where he toured around Eastern Canada, spreading joy, laughs, and art to even the most remote communities, while growing beautiful conections in the industry. Currently, he’s working with the Concordia University, the Acts of Listening Lab and the Colombian Government in an activist documentary theatre project, while also in the process of writing his own play, where he will showcase a beautiful blend of Latino culture and myths of the continent. He’s eager to continue building his foundation as a versatile, enthusiastic and ambitious artist.

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Instant: Jay is a very intricate character with many layers. His big hearted personality hides within it a strong impulsiveness that has been wonderful to play with. This story shows his journey of accepting himself, his family and helping his friend, Meredith, who is struggling with demons of her own. All in a world hugely impacted by social media and the image we portray.

Perfect Storm: Mr. B’s energy is incomparable. The energy and expressions of this character are so much fun to play with. Behind this face of confidence lie insecurities and unachieved dreams. A play showing we are all more united than we think, and that we should have balance in our lives. Good and evil, light and dark… sun and cloud”

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Montréal, Canada